You are submitting an essay and exercise as loosely defined on the Trembling Pillow Press website. We do not have length requirements for essays, but keep in mind, this is an anthology collection, so essays in excess of 15 pages may not make the cut or may require editing. At a minimum, we would like to have at least 3-4 pages of essay work clearly detailing the items we are looking for below. 

Exercises: We also have no parameters for what would be the "exercise" portion of your submission. We want this book to be an interactive guide for people to experiment and collaborate with you. So, keep that in mind. Your exercise should relate to writing in some vein and your practice. 

You do not have to be a published writer to be a classified as a writer for this project. We are seeking essays from individuals who demonstrate a consistent practice in talking about their work. Having knowledge of a practice is not the same as embodying the practice. 


What we are looking for in submissions: 

  • Prose or poetic essays that clearly demonstrate the author's practice 
  • Tell us your rituals and how you incorporate them into your daily life
  • Explanation or illumination as to coming to an esoteric practice
  • How the practice influences/ supports/ changes/ informs or creates obstacles to writing
  • Tensions and experiences surrounding writing life and esoteric practices
  • Exercises, guides, and or templates for teaching a cross over between the esoteric practice and writing 
Any further questions, please email Megan Burns, publisher, at 

All submissions will be reviewed by the editors and publishers, and all announcements will be made 3-4 months following the close of submissions on April12, 2018. Publication is slated for 2019. We pay in contributor copies of the anthology. 

Full Manuscripts must be at least 80 pages. There is no need to paginate the manuscript. 

Send submission electronically as .doc or .pdf files. 

Images in your MS: Please note, we only print in black and white. You must have the rights to print any images in your manuscript. You cannot submit a manuscript with images pulled off the internet. You must be able to provide high res files of each image in your MS for printing. If you have any images in your MS, you must note in your cover letter that you have the rights to print the images and can provide the high res images required or the MS will be rejected. 

Send a brief bio and introduction of your work as well in the appropriate box. 

Due to the high volume of submission, expect 3-4 months for a response.