Ends on December 31, 2018

Fee Free Reading period is through Dec. 31st 2018. 

Please follow all of our regular submission guidelines.

MS should be at least 80 pages. There is no need to paginate. 

We welcome full manuscripts in poetry, mixed genre, and collaborative poetry works.

Response time is 3-6 months based on the amount of submissions. 

Simultaneous submission is accepted. The publisher will contact you if the work is going to be accepted by the press and give you time to withdraw it from other presses. 

Any questions or concerns, email: editor@tremblingpillowpress.com

Full Manuscripts must be at least 80 pages. There is no need to paginate the manuscript. 

Send submission electronically as .doc or .pdf files. 

Images in your MS: Please note, we only print in black and white. You must have the rights to print any images in your manuscript. You cannot submit a manuscript with images pulled off the internet. You must be able to provide high res files of each image in your MS for printing. If you have any images in your MS, you must note in your cover letter that you have the rights to print the images and can provide the high res images required or the MS will be rejected. 

Send a brief bio and introduction of your work as well in the appropriate box. 

Due to the high volume of submission, expect 3-4 months for a response.

Query: submissions@tremblingpillowpress.com

Trembling Pillow Press